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Time Dynasty

Left to Right

Pete Brown        Guitar

Alan Gordon       Drums    Home Page Link

Phil Brown         Vocals/Guitar

Nigel Shannon    Bass



Time dynasty was a rock band playing heavy as well as popular covers of most of the rock genre of the early 70's

 A great following in Portsmouth ensured their popularity,

performances at the now infamous Tricorn Club and the old south Parade Pier, anyone remember the Sound Barrier, to name a few.

They also toured extensively in uk and ireland in these :-


THE FAMOUS FORD TRANSIT (replaced the ford thames)

  We rolled this at 3am in Devon  18/3/72                                             This is the shiny one with coach seats

A rugby team turned it back on its wheels, we drove it home "breezy".                          this did a great service till it got too small.


Time Dynasty with success signed to Dick James Music (DJM) in 1973 and changed their name to Hector